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Click to follow and view our upcoming events.


Click to follow us and view our upcoming events.

Our vision

To have a society with responsible and informed drink culture in Africa.

Our Mission

  • To continuously educate the public about their favorite drinks.
  • Entertain and Promote Responsible drinking in Africa.
  • Promote locally produced drinks in Africa.
  • To attract Direct Foreign Investment into the Africa Drink Industry.
  • To purge Africa of Adulterated and Counterfeit Drinks.
  • To promote high quality standard in drink manufacturing and distilling process.
  • Criticize, analyze, and write the Drink Industry.

Our story

Drinks 4 Dummies is the Ultimate Drink Network for the Africa drink sector. A product of Hospitality360 Africa designed to educate and enlighten the public on the content, history and stories behind their favorite brands of beverages and alcohol drinks, promoting local and international drink brands, and celebrating the men and women behind the success stories of the Africa drink world.

Via our interactive TV program Drinks-4-Dummies, we have come to blow the mind of the public with drink education made simple and with lots of fun and entertainments. Welcome once again to the Ultimate Drink Network on Africa TV; welcome to Drinks-4-Dummies.


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Our Journey

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